Give visitors a sampling of your paid content and increase your subscription revenue

FreeFlow allows you to give your visitors a sampling of your paid subscription content on a per device basis. It takes the device fingerprint of your visitors and keeps a record of them for you. When the visits are exhausted they are redirected to your Paywall.

Freeflow adds a user to the right user group and view access level for the content you want to show off. It does this only for the current page and stops doing so, when the hit count for your users device reaches the limit.

The messaging is completely customizable via template, and the admin. It's a snap!

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Freeflow gives your guests and users limited access to your content in both Wordpress and Joomla. They can get a sample of as many articles (or other types of content) as you would like, be it 3 or 1000, its up to you.

At a Glance

The Demo shows it all. Log into the [administrator] with demo/demo. Each device that visits your site gets logged, so you can see how many are visiting.

Joomla! Integration

Built for Joomla! 3.x. The package is an admin component and a plugin with a set of adapters. The adapters help you tie into other components and assess what access level that piece of content has and helps provide the user object with the temporary access it needs. Currently there are adapters for DOCman, and K2

Wordpress Integration

Wordpress powers the majority of websites operating on the internet right now. To support ongoing requests from our customers we decided to port FreeFlow to Wordpress and it is READY! It works a bit differently then its Joomla! predicessor. It works by allowing limited access to 'private' posts.

Sit Back and Collect

Freeflow will increase the hit count to your pay wall, making you more money on the content your work so hard to produce.


FreeFlow is *NOT* a one size fits all solution. Its a great start! If find you need to extend it, you can fork the version you want, and make a PR. We are also pleased to offer customization services to help support you content publishing goals.


The Future of Freeflow is a bright one. Our goal over the next few months is to add a simple and optional paywall to manage content access subscriptions to both the Wordpress and Joomla versions.